To be organized on November 20 to 24, 2017 in Istanbul by the Turkish Historical Society under the auspices of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre affiliated to the Turkish Minister of Environment and Urbanization, and the General Directorate of State Archives affiliated to the Prime Minister's Office, “2nd International Archive Congress on Ottoman Lands” is a delight for me to be a stakeholder for and invite you to join me.

Dating back to early ages and serving as one of the world's long-established entities, the archives has undoubtedly been indispensable references for historians and social scientists since the 19th century when the science of history took a professional turn. Poised to be organized in November 2017, “2nd International Archive Congress on Ottoman Lands” is of capital importance for the Turkish and global scientific world.

As the main theme of the event, the Ottoman Empire built a robust archiving system starting from the early times, and maintained it for centuries as a tradition. Hence, the Ottoman Empire, which was one of the top and most long-standing states on earth, and the world in contact with the Empire have been explored or awaiting to be explored in the Ottoman archives.

As it is well-known, the Ottoman Empire, which ruled for six hundred years in three continents, introduced new arsenals of archives in many different countries stretching over a massive land. Based on the large-scale documents and works, this Congress is intended to address the Ottoman archives both in Turkey and in the modern states that were once ruled by the Ottomans, and discuss some current professional and academic challenges such as the preservation, maintenance and electronic transfer of archival materials, and thus broaden an unparalleled horizon in archiving thanks to the invaluable contributions of both domestic and international scientists. In the meantime, the countries and cultures with a shared Ottoman heritage in archives and archiving will gather on the occasion of the congress.

The fact that many historical/current issues that occupy the agenda of Turkey and the globe often will be addressed under the theme of "centuries-old problems" is, in my opinion, of major importance in proving the key role played by archives to resolve such problems.

From this perspective, I would like to reiterate my pleasure to see that archives will be addressed as a part of this event as they are extremely important for the present and the future as an integral part of the history and historians, and hope to see you the distinguished scientists in the Congress.


Prof. Refik TURAN
Head of the Turkish Historical Society