Scientific Programme

20th of November, 2017 Monday
  Hall İstanbul Hall Edirne Hall Bursa Hall Söğüt
09:30 - 10:45 Inauguration
Exhibition Opening for the Ottoman Archival Documents
10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:15 Inaugural Conference

Prof. Mübahat Kütükoğlu

Honorary Chair of the Congress
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch
Azmi Özcan
Balances Struck on the Ottoman Heritage in the Persian Gulf
Zekeriya Kurşun
The Turkish Cultural Heritage in Iraq The Past, Present and Future
Suphi Saatçi
The Turkish Culture's Presence in Syria The Past, Present and Future
Mahmut Zeyn El Abidin
Turkish Presence in the Northern Africa From Past to Present
Süleyman Kızıltoprak
15:20 - 15:35 Coffee Break
15:35 - 16:50   Ottoman Archives and Challenges Ottoman Archives in the Balkans Archives as a Source of Cultural Heritage
Feridun Emecen
Dragi Gjorgijev
Sacit Aslantekin
Archives and Researchers
Erhan Afyoncu
Ottoman Archival Heritage and Benefits in the Balkans With Focus on Macedonia
Adnan Şerif
Archival Aspects of the Cultural Heritage: Concepts, Perceptions and Perspectives
Fatih Rukancı
Global Influence of the Turkish-Islamic Civilization: Ottoman Archives
Numan Aruch
Ottoman Materials and Documents Stored in Serbia
Mirjana Marinković
Competency in the Effective Use of Cultural Heritage Archives and Cultural Memory: Archival Literacy
Coşkun Polat
Challenges Faced By International Researchers Working on Ottoman Documents
Fazıl Bayat
Impact of the Ottoman Documents on the Documents of the 19th-Century Bulgarian People
Orlin Sabev
Folkloric Archives in Handing Down the Cultural Heritage to the Future: The Case of the Ottoman Lands
Hatice İnci Önal, Ayşe Nuray Önal
What Do the Ottoman Archives Burnt in Bosnia Tell Us? The Ottoman Archives Perished in 1992 During the Bosnian War and the Perspective of the Future Research
Adnan Kadrić
"Turkish (Ottoman) Sources for the History of Montenegro" – Presentation of the Project
Šerbo Rastoder- Admir Adrović
Archive is the Main Link Between the Past and the Present Leading to the Bright Future
Feruza Akhmadalieva
16:50 - 17:05 Coffee Break
17:05 - 18:20   The Ottoman Land System Turkish Agency Archives and Archival Activities
Archival Definition, Cataloging and Access
Yunus Koç
Fatih Rukancı
Fahrettin Özdemirci
Some Analyses over the Services of the Ulama for Codification, Implementation and Improvement of the Ottoman Land System
Mehmet İpşirli
Importance of the General Directorate of State Archives
Muhammet Ahmet Tokdemir
Sustainability in Definition of Archival Materials. Analysis of Domestic and International Standards
Bahattin Yalçınkaya
Status Differentiation in the Early-Stage Ottoman Land Conservation: Farms
Alaattin Aköz
Archive and Operation of the Turkish Historical Society
Semiha Nurdan
New Cataloging Rules: Identification of the Ottoman Land's Archival Documents According to the RDA
Mustafa Bayter
The Forms of Mâlikâne-Divanî System in the State of Karaman
Doğan Yörük
The Archive of the General Staff's Department of Attache
Bülent Durgun
International Publication Shift and Book Diplomacy in the Recent Ottoman Cultural and Political Life
Hakan Anameriç
Some Views on the Importance of the Role of Testimony as a part of the Awarded Fief System
Emine Erdoğan Özünlü
Importance of the Naval History Archive for the Contemporary History Research
Mehmet Korkmaz
Access to Information in Archives
Oya Gürdal Tamdoğan
  The Diplomatic Archive and The Archive Automatisation Project of Ministery of Foreign Affairs
Beste Pehlivan Sun
21st of November, 2017 Tuesday
  Hall İstanbul Hall Edirne Hall Bursa Hall Söğüt
09:30 - 10:45   Ottoman Law and Property Middle Eastern Research and Archive Archives in the Globalizing World
Mehmet Akif Aydın
Miyase Koyuncu Kaya
Özgür Külcü
Right of Property, Real Estate Acquisitions of the Non-Muslims, and Derelicts
Gül Akyılmaz
The Farms of Sultan Abdulhamid II
Hasan Soydan
Global Archive - Memory, Identity, Globalization-
Abdullah İbrahim
Right of Succession for Foreign Nationals on Real Estates in the Ottoman Lands
Belkıs Konan
Rothschild Lands Found in Palestine During the Rule of Sultan Abdulhamid II
Sezai Balcı 
Competing with Robots - Can the Records Profession with Stand the Challenges
Sherry L. Xie
Property Issues Faced by the Church Foundations Established in the Ottoman Times
Nuran Koyuncu
The Syrian Melhame Brothers in the Centralization Politics of the Ottoman State
Levent Küçük
Talking Records: The Legal Evidentiary Value Of Archives
John Gathegi
The Legal Status of Non-Muslim Shrines and Schools Built on Mirî Lands of the Ottoman State (In the Context of the 19th Century)
Muhammed Ceyhan
In the Light of Archive Documents Aleppo and It's North During the National Struggle Period
Enes Demir
Neglected Bailiwick: History Education and Importance of Archives in Bosnia&Herzegovina
Amir Duranović
10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:15   Ottoman Books and Diplomatics Ottoman History Research and Archives Archival Conservation and Restoration Efforts
Mustafa Öztürk
Mehmet Akif Erdoğru
A. Oğuz İcimsoy
Census Books as an Anthroponomic Database: The Case of Kütahya Dating Back to 1466
Turan Gökçe
A Rare Case in Provincial Archives: Archive of Kayseri Province
Mehmet İnbaşı
Priorities and Role of Restoration in Physical Conservation
Şekibe Nihal Somer
The Census Books of the Tulip Era According to the Archival Records of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre
Yılmaz Kurt
Archive of Komotini Mufti's Office
Cengiz Parlak
"The Long Road From Restoration To Stabilization: Ethic And Aesthetic"
Ana Beny
The Shift in Content of Cülus Hatt-ı Hümayun in the 19th Century
Ali Akyıldız
Sheikdom Archive as a Reference for the Ottoman Press History
Filiz Dığıroğlu
Views on Conservation and Repair of Manuscripts
Nil Baydar
Dispossession of Property: How not to Read Temettuat Books
Ayla Efe
Ottoman Heritage in Bosnia an Herzegovina - Shari'a Court of Sarajevo (1878-1916.)
Fuad Ohranović
Restoration and Conservation Practices for Hagia Sophia's Deed of Trust
Maşide Zorlu
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch
Hikmet Özdemir
The Role of Archies in the Armenian Issue
Yusuf Sarınay
The Armenian Problem Under the Rule of Sultan Abdulhamid II
Ramazan Erhan Güllü
The Armenian Issue During the Second Constitutional Era (1908-1914) 
Recep Karacakaya
The Armenian Issue During the World War I Within the Framework of International Relations, Allegations and Documents
Haluk Selvi
The Armenian Population in Turkey Following the World War I (1918-1923)
İbrahim Ethem Atnur
15:20 - 15:35 Coffee Break
15:35 - 16:50    The Balkan Population, Settlement and Economy in the Context of Census Books Ottoman Census and Avarız Books Archives as Gates to the Future
Emir Filipović
Hatice Oruç
  Bülent Yılmaz
The Settlement Pattern and Demographic Development of the Territory of the Former Kaza of Izdin (Lamia) in Central Greece from the 15th to the 20th Century According to Tahrirs, Cizye and Vakf Defters, and Greek Sources: An Exception to the General Pattern?
Machiel Kiel
Most Recent Elaborate Registers of Nicopolis and the End of "the Classic Era"
Evgeni Radushev-Göksel Baş
Building an Event-Based Ontology Model for Historical Collections and Archival Descriptionss
Eun G. Park
Land Property in Ottoman Rumeli –Case Study on Land Possession System in Parts of Paşa Sancak, Ottoman Rumeli (Copies of Hüccets and Sınırnames Preserved in Ottoman Tapu Tahrir Defters of XVI-XVII Centuries).
Milena Petkova-Encheva
The Ottoman Records Shedding Light on the Economy and Demographics of Vidin Sanjak (1839-1876)
Margarita Dobreva
Developing Corporate Archive and Document Management Strategies Within the Framework of Requirements on the Formation and Reliability of Information in the Digital Age
Özgür Külcü
Ottoman Tax Registers (Tapu Tahrir Defterleri) - A Source for the Development of Ore-Mining in the Sakar Mountain in 15th -16th Century.
Stefan Dimitrov
Archival and Historical Research: A Mapping Experiment for Census and Avârız Books
Yunus Uğur
Digital Opportunities in Archives and Implications of Digital Services on Research Processes Joint Ventures in Agencies of Memory
Hüseyin Odabaş
Otoman Census Book (Tapu Tahrir Defterleri) As Sources for the Historical Demography of Medieval and Early Ottoman Period: (On the Example of the Census Book for the Province of Smederevo 1476-1560).
Ema Miljković
Some Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Ottoman Accommodation in the Hungarian Kingdom - The Possibilities of  Visualization in GIS
Gabor Demeter, Éva Szepesiné Simon,
A Knowledge Management Approach for Digital Cultural Heritage Preservation
Kımız Dalkır
16:50 - 17:05 Coffee Break
17:05 - 18:20   Damascus and Iraq in the Light of the Ottoman Archival Records Manuscripts in the Ottoman Lands Northern Africa and Ottoman Archival Heritage
Süleyman Kızıltoprak
Mehmet Ali Akkaya
İdris Bostan 
Iraqi Jews Under the Rule of the Ottoman State
Sinan Marufoğlu
Persian Manuscripts from the Ottoman Empire in the Collection of the Library of the Hungarian Academy Of Sciences
Benedek Péri
The Foreign Relations of the Tunisian State in the 19th Century in the Light of the Ottoman Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fatma B. Slimane
The Province of Damascus Under the Rule of the Ottoman State
Mehmet Akif Erdoğru
Revitalization of Cultural Archive Heritage in Post-Conflict Zones: Ottoman Manuscripts Archive of the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo
Dželila Babović
Importance of the Turco-Ottoman Archives in the Writing of the History of Algeria (1515-1830)
Fella Moussaoui Épouse El Kechai
Analysis of Damascus Şer’iyye (Judicial) Registers and Evamir-i Sultaniye Classification
Mustafa Öztürk
Organized and Supervised Copying of Manuscripts as a Endowment:  An Arabic Manuscript From Sanjak of Herzegovina
Muamer Hodžić
Morocco During the World War I: Western Analyses Over the Operations of Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa (the Special Organization) and German & Ottoman Propagandas
F.Rezzan Ünalp
Importance of Foundation Census Books in the Ottoman Urban Research What Livâ-i Şam Evkâf and Real Estate Census Books Tell Us
Hasan Hüseyin Güneş
Slavic Manuscripts in the Ottoman Period
Violeta Martinovska
The Ottoman Archives is an Essential Affluent of the Moroccan-Turkish Common Historical Memory
El Mostafa El Ktiri
22nd of November, 2017 Wednesday
  Hall İstanbul Hall Edirne Hall Bursa Hall Söğüt
09:30 - 10:45   Ethnical Movements in the Archival Records Archival Sources on the Ottoman Lands Borders in the Ottoman Lands
Osman Köse
John Gathegi
Hans Georg Majer
Upon the New Documents Unearthed in the Armenian Archives on the Armenian & Turkish Relations
Gafar Mehdiyev
Turkish Documents Preserved by the National Archives of Romania
Alina Pavalescu,  Gabriela Preotesi
The Importance of Using Ottoman Archival Documents to Study Border Issues of Ottoman Empire During the Early Modern Period
Elma  Korić
Historical Background of the Two Resolutions Taken By the German Parliament on the Armenian Issue 
Mustafa Çolak
Ottoman Documents in the National Archives of Romania. Realities and Perspectives.
Turcitu Victor-Claudiu
A "Border-Free" Empire: The Ottoman Advance in Hungary During the 16th Century
Éva Sz. Simon
The Hunchakians in Bulgaria Following the World War I According to the Bulgarian Archival Reports
Bülent Yıldırım
Oriental Sources in the Fund of Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv.
Oksana Vasylyuk
Scripting Landscape: 19th-Century Ottoman Landscape History
Martha Mundy, Richard Saumarez Smith,
Alliance of Opponents to "Kemalist" Turkey In the Light of Refii Cevad Ulunay (one of 150 PNGs) Acting as an Informant  
Şaduman Halıcı
Land Registries Conserved with Montenegro State Archives - Challenges and Issues with the Preservation and Use of this Archival Material
Snežana Pejović, Joško Katelan
Arzuhalsas Sources of the Ottoman Land History
Paulina Andonova
10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break
Hamza Kandur
Uğur Ünal
General Manager of State Archives
Gökhan Kanal
General Manager of Land Registry and Cadastre
Refik Turan
Head of the Turkish Historical Society
Fahrettin Özdemirci
Division of Information and Document Management, Department of Language, History and Geography, Ankara University
Ali Akyıldız
Department of History, Faculty of Letters, Istanbul 29 Mayıs University
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 15:20   The Ottoman State in the Global Archives Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Ottoman History The Ottoman State and the Arab World 
Evgeni Radushev
Abdulkadir Özcan
Zekeriya Kurşun
  Researching Early Ottoman History in the Balkans Through Slavic, Latin And Italian Records in the Archives of Coastal Dalmatia
Emir Filipović
Bosnak Osman Pasha's Papers and the Problem of Ottoman Vizier an Pasha Archives
Hans Georg Majer
Prominent Qadis of the State Al-Ahsa (957-1047/ 1550-1637)
Ali Albassam
  Greek Orthodox Ecclesiastical and Communal Records as a Source for the Social History of the Ottoman Empire
Evgenia Ünal
Bosnia Eyalet on the end of 18th and 19th Century
Aladin Husić
Politics of the Ottoman Empire Towards the Lands in Mutasanifiyyah of Al-Ahsa (Najd) During The Reign of Sultan Abduihamid II. 1293-1327 ht 1576-1909 m
Mohammed Al Gorainie
  Materials about the Turkish Prisoners of War in the Archives of Ukraine (ХIX Century)
Natalia Zub
Challenges in Writing Record Books Following the Conquest The Case of Herzegovina
Yunus Koç
Ottoman Legacy of Oil and Energy.
Mohanad Yousuf
  Japanese Archives on the Ottoman Lands
Nobuo Misawa
Sanjak of Herzegovina in the 17th Century Foundation Works
Sedad Bešlija
The Private Archives of an Algerian Family of Turkish-Kuloghlı Origin the Ben Ramdan, from Janisser to the Anti-Colonial and Insurgent Marabouts
Kamal Filali
15:20 - 15:35 Coffee Break
15:35 - 16:50   Social and Economic Life of the Ottomans Urban Life and Population of the Ottomans Palestine and Ottoman Archival Heritage
Yılmaz Kurt
Geza David
Süheyl Sapan
Measurements and Weighing Scales in the Anatolian Sanjaks According to the Ottoman Code of Laws
Mehmet Ali Ünal
The Role of Census Books in Historical Research in the Light of Suşehri Registry Books
Hamiyet Sezer Feyzioğlu
Ottoman Heritage in the Israeli State Archive
Yasemin Avcı
The Footsteps of the Traditional Olive Cultivation in the Ottoman Archives: Olive Cultivation in Aşoz During the 16th & 17th Century
Yasemin Demircan
Urban Life in the Ottoman Centuries: The Case of Kayseri
Mustafa Keskin
Ottoman Documents in the Palestinian Territories
Abdulkadir Steih
From Primitive to Modern Plough: Initiatives to Improve the Ottoman Agriculture Through Modern Agricultural Tools (1860-1914)
Özkan Keskin
Census Resume
Fazileta Hafizović
"Ottoman Archives" an Important Source for Proofing the Palestinian Rights
Hasan Ayyash
Office of the Provincial Treasurer, the Archive of Provincial Treasury and the Administration of the Financial Offices (16th - 17th Century)
Rıfat Günalan
Avarız (Annual Cash Tax) Burden and the Population Characteristics of the City of Bursa in the 17th Century According to Avarız Registers
Özer Küpeli
İsfehan Şah Hatun (one of Al-Quds Foundations) and Her Madrasa
Kenan Ziya Taş
16:50 - 17:05 Coffee Break
17:05 - 18:20   Traditional Ottoman Handicrafts on Archive Documents Archives and Museums Archives and Archive Documents as Cultural Heritage
Savaş Çevik
Burçak Madran
Turan Gökçe
Art of Illumination in Manuscripts
Çiçek Derman
The Case of Naval Museum In the Context of Museum - Archive Collaborations 
İlyas Gültaş
Very First Sample Documents of the Modern Ottoman Statistics: The Quarantine Journals 
Gülden Sarıyıldız
Art of Calligraphy in Manuscripts
Uğur Derman
Archival Records in the Collection of the Turkish Foundation Calligraphy Arts Museum Affiliated to the General Directorate of Foundations
Zübeyde Cihan Özsayiner
A Research on the Referential Value of Border Certificates
Mustafa Alkan
Some Useful Information on How to Keep Our Archives Long-Lasting
Fuad Başar
Triangle of Museum, Archive and Library: "In the Context of Services Provided by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality"
Fadime Geleş 
The Books of Land Registry Archives For the Assessment of the Treasury of Documents
Dündar Ali Kılıç, Malik Yılmaz
What if it was not for records? We would not be here.
Hikmet Barutçugil
Past, Present and Future Facts of Kuyud-ı Kadîme Land Registry, Cadastre and Map Museum
Sevil Akyel
Registers of Foreign States About Italy: Analysis in Shape and Content
Abdullah Zararsız
Importance of Land Registry Archives For Conventional Arts
M. Hüsrev Şubaşı
  Ottoman - American Musical Relations In the Light of the Archival Documents
Evren Kutlay
18:30 - 21:00 The General Directorate of Fine Arts, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism 
Show on Anatolian Colors
23rd of November, 2017 Thursday
  Hall İstanbul Hall Edirne Hall Bursa Hall Söğüt
09:30 - 10:45   Migration, Representation, Property and Concession According to the Ottoman Law Geographical and Topographic Records of the Ottoman Times Ottoman Archives and Archival Documents Outside Turkey
Yusuf Sarınay
Mehmet Ali Ünal
Hamiyet Sezer Feyzioğlu
Islamic Law's Provisions and Legal Reforms on Forced Migration and Immigration Throughout the Ottoman History
Ahmet Akgündüz
Macedonia in the Ottoman Records (XV – XIX Century)
Dragi Gjorgiev
The Ottoman Archival Documents Found in the British Archives in the Final Quarter of the 18th Century
Mehmet Alaaddin Yalçınkaya
How Was the Issue of Straits Handled During the Paris Peace Conference?
Sabit Duman
The Concepts of Kurds and Kurdistan in the Archival Documents by Ethnicity, Location and Administration
Orhan Kılıç
Importance and Scope of Turkey's London Embassy's Archives For the Ottoman History Research
Nejdet Gök
The Role of the Ottoman Population Statistics in Resolution of International Conflicts Based on the Issue of Representation
Emrah Çetin 
Ottoman Belgrade:  Contribution to the Insight Into the Urban Topography Through an Ottoman Urban Map
Enisa Alomerović Hubanić
The Sole Mass Catalogue of the Consulate Correspondences in the Ottoman Archive of the Prime Minister's Office Cyprus Consulate Correspondences
Güven Dinç
The Legal Basis of the Railway Construction in the Ottoman Lands Principle of Concession
Seda Örsten Esirgen
Tunisian Haci Ahmed's Works in Two Separate Archives: Map and Geographical Commentary
Nazan Özür
The Florence State Archives From the Perspective of Ottoman History Research 
Mikail Acıpınar
Property Records in Trabzon Qadi Registers (1735 - 1768)
Temel Öztürk
Deeds of Trust and Border Certificates in Mapping Out the Rural Borders of the Ottoman Times
İlker Yiğit, Hasan Demirtaş
Vatican Archives in Writing the Turkish History
Canan Parmaksızoğlu 
10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:15   Migration and Population Exchange in the Ottoman History By Documents Ottoman - Russian Relations in the Archival Records Ottoman Archives and the Arab World
Orhan Kılıç
İbrahim Ethem Atnur
Abdul Rahim Abu Husayn
Pressures Imposed on the Muslim People of Trikala Ahead of the Population Exchange
Ayşe Değerli
Some of Russia's Demands and Sultan Abdülhamid II's Policy According to the Ottoman Archival Records
Fatma Ürekli
The Use and Influence of the Ottoman Documents on the Saudi History Research
Süheyl  Sapan
The Immigrants From Algeria Taking Shelter in the Ottoman State After 1847, and the Ottoman State's Attitude Toward the Immigrants
Hülya Toker
On the Documents Concerning the History of the 18th-Century Ottoman State in the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Empire, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Tofig Mustafazade
The Ottoman Archive is Indispensable Source for Studying the History of Modern Iraq
Nadia Yaseen Abed
Russia's Caucasian Genocide in 1864 and the Migration of the Circassians to the Anatolia According to the British Embassy's Reports
Muhammed Köse, Süleyman Lokmacı
Ottoman & Ukrainian Relations During the Reign of the Cossack Hetmanate (1500-1800) The Formation of the Ukrainian National State and the Ottoman Archive
Salih Yılmaz
Ottoman Documents in the State Archives of Banská Bystrica
M. Fatih Çalışır
Did the Ottoman State Have a Policy on Immigration?
İsmet Sarıbal
Pages from the History of the Ottoman Empire Reflected in the Archival Documents from the Republic of Moldova
Ion Varta
Importance of the Ottoman Archives in Educational History Research
Ayşegül Altınova Şahin
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch
Zekeriya Kurşun
Armenia's Demands in Lausanne and Turkey's Decision
Hikmet Özdemir
Lausanne: The Anatomy of a Diplomatic Fight
Sevtap Demirci
Lausanne and Secularism
Taha Akyol
15:20 - 15:35 Coffee Break