Affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, our General Directorate is set to host “2nd International Archive Congress on Ottoman Lands” in Istanbul on November 20 to 24, 2017. To be held under the theme of "Our Archives in Rewriting the History", the Congress is intended to gather states and institutions, which are equipped with the archives inherited from the Ottoman Empire, in line with the shared concepts of culture, history and civilization. This is a major step to exchange and discuss our common values, and introduce them to the scientific world.

The Congress is poised to set forth the importance and value of our cultural heritage, and address the storage, maintenance, electronic transfer of archives, paper restoration and technological advances accordingly. In addition, the Congress is going to deal with arts cited in the Ottoman archives such as calligraphy, illumination and marbling. Another major topic of the Congress is the Archive of Registers (Kuyûd-ı Kadime) that serves within the body of Archive Department affiliated to our General Directorate and contains economic, socio-cultural and demographic records of nearly thirty countries from three continents.

As a part of the theme "Centuries-Old Problems", the participants are going to discuss the issues that occupy the agenda of Turkey and the whole world and date back to centuries and even earlier times ago and serve as an instrument to thoroughly convey the naked truth about the history to the next generations.

Held by our institution that has reformed itself in line with the principles of convenience and transparency in access to information and documents and provided services with a human-oriented mindset, the congress is a major step to establish a precedent in incorporating public archives into scientific studies and allowing them to take center stage in such studies.

All relevant authorities including universities, public institutions and organizations, private libraries and archives are all kindly invited to the congress that is estimated to lay the foundations for scientific outputs in content and new developments in outcomes.

I would like to reiterate our pleasure to invite you the distinguished scientists and researchers to the congress and host you all in Istanbul.


Gökhan KANAL
Deputy General Manager of Land Registry and Cadastre