Archives are composed of records as they are the foremost witnesses of the past. Shedding light on many aspects of past events, archives are of capital importance for states and nations. Archives are an integral part for the science of history that takes on a task to put such momentous knowledge to paper.

To this end, the “2nd International Archive Congress on Ottoman Lands” is going to be held under the auspices of the Esteemed Turkish President in partnership with the General Directorate of State Archives affiliated to the Prime Minister's Office, and the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre as they serve as the main organizations in Turkey offering archives that constitute the collective memory and safeguarding pillars of the state. To be held in cooperation with respective archival and historical institutions, this event is intended to put forth the encompassing scale of references and heritage on an international and scientific occasion.

The congress will also address various topics pertaining to our cultural and historical heritage under subtitles. In addition to in-depth analysis of professional and terminological knowledge and developments in archives and archiving, another theme of the congress will be the introduction of materials that belong to brotherly countries that enshrined in our civilizational history. On this occasion, the State Archives will provide this momentous event with due assistance as it has signed cooperation protocols with 43 countries where documents are available about the Ottoman lands and history, and housed the Ottoman Archive composed of 95 million documents and 400.000 records along with the Republic Archive that offers nearly 40 million documents and 95.000 records that are still counting.

I would like to express our pleasure to host this event as it is poised to contribute to the full exposure of the diverse heritage in our historic past from scientific, cultural and social perspectives. With this in mind, I wish the congress to lead to fruitful conclusions for the interested parties, researchers and the literature itself, and would like to invite the scientific world to the congress.


Prof. Uğur ÜNAL
General Manager of State Archives